Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Texture Found with non apparel and apparel items

Now the juxstaposition of apparel items in comparision with none apparrel items is depicted with in these photos... The question is can you find the element of texture that is depected in these jsutapostions in these photos

Alexander Mcqueen:    Guggeinhiem museum in Bilboa, Spain

Alexnader Mcqueen: and a spider web in a flower washed with moring dew!!!!

Alexander Mcqueen: Red plate of gold leaf shavings!!!

Alexander Mcqueen and a black licorice for a snack !!!!

Alexander Mcqueen:  who say I cant wear daisies !!!!

Alexander Mcqueen  and shes walking on air ( airconditioning vent Macrocosm)

Alexander MCQueen:  shes so hot she is ice cold!!!!!( a frozen watrfall)

Diamonds are a girls best friend!!!!!! especially in Japan!!!!

Versace and she is pumping to the beat !!!!( a macrocosm of a tweeter)

Ocscar De La Renta   Eggs anyone!!!????

Alexander mcqueen and  macrocasim of a steering wheel !!!

Versace ..Have a seat !!!!!

Versace and the Britsh museum court ceiling!!!!...  talking about walking on thin air!!

Inspiration can be derived frommany things that are found in nature, arcitecture,color line, shape, and texture and through out culture and the world!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Putting your self out there with just the click of a mouse!!!!

The internet is a wonderful think it just makes life so convienient, making things more readily available with just the click of a button or mouse. E-Portfolios are just one added convience and a way of networking to let people view your work and it is free advertising and exposure in a sense with out the high costs of really advertising the traditional way. However, I have found that creating an E-Portfolio is a new way of getting yourself out there with out ever leaving your home or office or having to carry around your portfolio for others to view. ...